Tagged Entry in Nautilus

With the exams having been left in the past, I can get back to hacking on Nautilus again. This time, it’s coming up with a GTK+ 4-ready tagged entry for the search. Heavily inspired by Matthias’ prototype, here is a sneak peek at the work-in-progress implementation:

NautilusTaggedEntry and GtkSearchEntry for visual comparison (GTK+ 4)
GdTaggedEntry as a visual reference (GTK+ 3)

The styling still needs tweaking (I’m trying to reuse the entry-tag class from Adwaita as much as possible, but there are signs of breakage now that actual widgets are used) and the input – hooking up (oh, and the close button), but, so far, the code is infinitely simpler than that of GdTaggedEntry, which will hopefully remain to be true until the end. As of yet, the code isn’t anyplace public, but that should change by the end of the week, when all details are finalized. The code can be found at https://gitlab.gnome.org/ernestask/tagged-entry.

One downside to doing it the putting-things-into-boxen-and-adjusting-margins-and-padding way is that the new class can’t be used as a GtkSearchEntry transparently (for properties and signals), because then we run into ownership problems, but that’s nothing a simple getter can’t fix.

Anyhoo, to be continued soon-ish.