Post-GUADEC Write-Up

My first ever Gaudec [sic] is over. Unfortunately, it ended before the unconference, since I left to visit family in Scotland (didn’t want to turn the trip into a two-week vacation).

All the talks were great, and I’m sure that the ones I couldn’t attend were just as great, but I want to highlight a few:

Martin’s “Fantastic Layouts and Where to Find Them (and, most importantly, a working demo): this is powerful – showcasing a truly modern way to lay out UI elements, instead of writing blocks of XML by hand to achieve the same effect.

Jakub’s “The Inbetweens – Why Transitions Matter and Tobias’ “Building Interfaces from the Future right after: incredibly educational for someone who doesn’t have a background in design and everything that it entails, but strives to create good UIs. Even if the talks didn’t make me an expert, I’m still glad that they changed the way I think about user interface design.

Even something as “boring” as building GNOME in new ways (as opposed to something hip, like writing the code) is exciting, in that it has potential to remove tribal knowledge from existence or complex setup steps, which is highly relevant to newcomers (as can be moving to more familiar workflows (GitLab)).

Besides getting to hear about great new ideas and developments, getting to see and meet (and play Monopoly with) the people who make up GNOME was really exciting and I finally feel like I’m a part of this great community.

Without help from the Foundation, this experience would have been impossible. Thanks!

P.S. I got to be behind the camera for some of the talks, so if you see the silhouette of my head pop up on the screen, it says “hi”!