Treading New Waters

Water, molluscs, oh what a thrill!

Today, we are not talking about Nautilus, but rather it’s just me bragging!

After a month of waiting, talking, waiting, writing and waiting some more, I’m officially a month away from starting at Red Hat (and moving to Brno, so some of you I’ll get to meet as well), working on all things ABRT. Since my GNOME work really helped me sell myself, maybe I’ll manage to help bridge whatever gap there exists between the two.

As far as Nautilus goes, this will probably not change a whole lot, as Carlos still holds the mollusc-wrangling-champion belt. Well, the feature-removal cabal meetings might take a new form. :p

That’s it for now, take care!

GTK+ 4 and Nautilus </GSoC>

Another summer here at GNOME HQ comes to an end. While certainly eventful, it unfortunately did not result in a production-ready Nautilus port to GTK+ 4 (unless you don’t intend to use the location entry or any other entry, but more on that later).

It works, and you can try it if you really (really) want to by doing so:

flatpak install

You will notice that DnD works differently as compared to the current stable version:

  • the default action isn’t set by Nautilus to “move” when dragging a file in its parent directory, but rather all possible actions (“copy”, “move”, “link”, “ask”) – that is due to changes in the DnD API in GTK+ in an effort to consolidate all the different action types (actions, suggested actions, selected actions);
  • “link” cannot be accessed with ctrl-shift when using Wayland, “ask” does not work in X;
  • “ask” does not result in a context menu being popped up, likely due to a bug in GTK+ and not in Nautilus;
  • sidebar drops are rejected and cause the “New bookmark” row to remain visible, which is caused by another reported GTK+ bug.

Another big issue is actions and their (global) accelerators. Due to changes in how these are activated in GTK+, Nautilus can no longer do the trick where it prevents that from happening if the currently-focused widget is an editable. Not being able to do that means that pressing ctrl-a while, say, renaming a file will select the files in the view instead of the text. Pressing delete immediately after will result in you fainting, as you’ve just trashed all the files (as had happened to me several times, and thank goodness it’s not permanent deletion). Given the shortcuts reworking effort in GTK+ that is currently in progress, it might be a breeze to fix the issues in the near future.

Aside from all that, there are some other small-ish and annoying issues, like drag icons not being offset in Wayland, the operations button losing its reveal animation, and probably something else I’m forgetting at the moment. So, if you’re interested in turning your computer into a jet engine or benchmarking GitLab, feel free to take a look at