Midsummer SoC Report: effects screencast !!

Hey, it’s already July 7th (well, almost 8th now), time for midterm evaluations for SoC students!
So how could I leave you without the mandatory screencast? It’s been a bit painful to overcome my shyness and I felt a bit stupid recording myself.. but that’s it, hope you’ll enjoy!

Yay! that’s me!

It’s pretty much self-explanatory, just look at it and have fun!

I’m quite satisfied with the face distortion effects, aren’t they awesome (as Daniel would say ;) )?
I still have some doubt, though, about the sepia effect. It can be obtained just with the gimp curve tool, so if you have a better one feel free to send me the curve file ;) (or any other nice curve file that you have)!

I’m really looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions!

GUADEC Rants..
It seems that I won’t be able to be at GUADEC with all of us, it’s such a pain to read your posts and cannot be there..
I obtained the travel sponsorship but I really needed an answer for a couple of questions before being able to buy tickets. I asked Baris but he someway disappeared since last wednesday, I never seen him again on irc and he stopped replying my mails (and someone else’s too as far as I know).
So time passed, and I’m still here waiting for his reply… I can understand he should surely have been over busy within past week, but it was too bad that he was the only one to contact for sponsorship questions.
There is still a (very) little chance to take a last minute flight so Baris, if you’re reading this, just mail me, comment, ping me on irc!


#1 Ed on 07.08.08 at 12:07 am

Love the square-face effect! ;)

#2 Vax on 07.08.08 at 12:48 am

Nice Work!

#3 dwight on 07.08.08 at 1:30 am

Sweet!. Cant wait to see this in cheese. Keep up the good work. The cross effect didnt seem as much. Did I miss something?

#4 muelli on 07.08.08 at 1:39 am

Haha, this is actually great! Awesome dude. I had a good time watching this ;-)

#5 Alexander Jones on 07.08.08 at 1:59 am

Good work!

For the sepia, how about going for a classic, old fashioned, grainy movie effect… you’d have to find some examples to model it on first, though. I think it’s probably like a standard effect in something like Final Cut or iMovie or something.

#6 Warbo on 07.08.08 at 2:20 am

That’s looking great :) I suppose it must be tough trying to overcome camera shyness using a program that’s designed to make your face get distorted :P

#7 Matt on 07.08.08 at 6:41 am

Wow thats really amazing! A motion blur and bloom effect would also be cool.

#8 Kevin on 07.08.08 at 7:13 am

Fantastic work. I love the speedy transition between effects. Can’t wait for its integration into application.

#9 filippo on 07.08.08 at 8:32 am

Thank you guys!

@dwight: the cross effect started as a “Cross-processing like” effect applied to a color image but I found I liked it much when applied after desaturation :P , if you have a good gimp curve for cross processing just let me know it!

@alex: could you please give me screenshot of the old film effect? I wanted to add some grain but I thought that my webcam was just too noisy without any artificial grain added :)

#10 Felix on 07.08.08 at 9:47 am

hey there filippo!

its a GREAT screencast! I like it…. I agree totally with cosimo, the cube effect is the best :)

keep on hacking….you’re on a good way

PS: if I will be able to catch baris when he has 2 sec of time (he’s really busy….) I will tell him to ping you!

#11 adrian on 07.08.08 at 2:41 pm

very funny!
great work!

#12 EdgeWise on 07.08.08 at 4:40 pm

Oooo! Is the test one at the end just two color, or is it actually vectoring?

#13 Libe on 07.08.08 at 4:56 pm

Very well done, great effects!

#14 Sandy on 07.08.08 at 5:45 pm

Killer. I love it! You have no idea how much time my wife and I spend playing with Photobooth on her iMac…this is exactly the sort of stuff we need to be more fun. :-)

#15 filippo on 07.08.08 at 8:49 pm

@EdgeWise: nope it’s just two color, I set black or white comparing luminance to a threshold (well.. plus some neighborhood averaging and smoothing), it’s just a test effect I use to experiment a little bit nothing too serious!

@Sandy: eheh, just like me and my girlfriend ;)

@others: glad you like my work, thank you!

#16 Artir on 07.08.08 at 10:25 pm

Can you give the code, please?, I want to play too :P

#17 Isa on 07.11.08 at 6:29 pm

grande amore!

#18 .fosk. on 07.26.08 at 10:36 am

Great work!!

Do you have any idea when this work will be available on a stable release of Cheese?

Keep the good work!

#19 Bookmarks about Report on 08.03.08 at 6:15 pm

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#20 ToF on 08.04.08 at 11:24 pm

Nice work!

I’m glad there’s finally something done with respect to h/w acceleration in gstreamer. I guess all was needed was an actual application for it.

Looking at the screencast, I notice that several of them (squeeze, twirl…) are a of the kind “distortion”, which brings my question: are the equations hard coded for each effects or is it provided as a map ? I figure you could implement a kind of general displacement-map filter as in SVG.

The same apply with numerous color filters that can be modeled by multiplication of pixel values with a matrix (there’s indeed a function like that in the born dead OpenGL Imaging extensions).

Anyway, just some thoughts. Congrats again and keep up the good work !

#21 Ed on 08.14.08 at 6:24 pm

any news pal?