The Indiana Branding Machine

11:14 am Indiana, OpenSolaris

As our first prototype releases draws nearer, it’s time to start thinking about the branding experience for Indiana, specifically from when they put the LiveCD into their CDROM drives and launch the desktop to installing it on their disk. From my perspective, it’s an incredible opportunity to promote the OpenSolaris community brand, and create a sense of pride of ownership of the product (and technology) that we’ve taken part in. I’ve started a discussion on the Indiana mailing list – if you have some ideas of where we should focus, and what content we might want to highlight get involved! It would be great to be able to identify a solid list to work from for an eventual first release in Spring next year.

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  2. Adam Williamson Says:

    “Branding experience”?

    Go wash your mouth out with soap. 🙂