Re-thinking the Media Kit

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Over the last couple of days or so, I’ve started to think about the media kits a little more, particularly with respect to for the OpenSolaris release, but also in terms of being able to create derivations targeting specific sets of our potential user base. As I see it, I think it should be possible to create a generic framework that would allow us to swap in and out components, depending on that focus – with the addition of more CD’s depending on the focus.

As such you could think about a number of standalone ‘modules’ –

  • OpenSolaris LiveCD ISO image
    This is the standard image that has been part of the OpenSolaris Developer Preview series, providing the user a LiveCD image, with an opportunity to demo it before they install it to their system. This will track the standard ISO images produced as part of Project Indiana, complete with IPS should they wish to download and install additional software from the network package repositories
  • OpenSolaris Source Code
    With the very real limitations of network bandwidth across the world, most notably in emerging communities such as India, China and many parts of Africa, it is absolutely vital for people to have easy access to the source code. This module will provide source code to the various consolidations working out on as a checked out repository (either Mercurial or Subversion), allowing the user to pull updates from the network or browse off-line. Additionally with a simple set of scripts provided, it will provide an opportunity for those running the OpenSolaris distribution to run an OpenGrok instance and allow full searching on the local source code. This could also be useful in a classroom environment, where network access is limited.
  • User Documentation
    This module will provide all the user documentation for running the OpenSolaris distribution, complete with a number of tutorials or other guides.
  • Developer

    In the developer section, it will provide a set of simple tools and applications to develop on OpenSolaris, both for the OpenSolaris community itself and also in the wider developer community.

    • OpenSolaris Community
      • Mercurial, SVN, OpenGrok, ..
      • ON build tools
      • Sun Studio Compiler
    • General Developer Community
      • Netbeans
      • Sun Studio Compiler
  • Module Derivatives
    A number of variations of the Media Kit should be possible, including a tailored set of derivations of the OpenSolaris distribution. Some possibilities may include –

    • WordPress/Roller Blog Appliance
      Run an instance of the popular WordPress blogging application, with everything automatically configured out of the box, including a web server.
    • Ruby on Rails Web Developer
      Provide a running web server with DTrace enabled Ruby, Firefox and Apache server.
    • HPC Research
      Provide a set of developer tools to monitor performance and throughput for highly parallel tasks.
    • Others Appliances
      Are there other specific appliances we could be doing?
    • Xen Client
      Automatic Xen client configured out of the box.
    • Community Participant
      Provide an out of the box OS that could be installed to automatically mirror sources/binaries or whatever to another part of the world, helping the global distribution of OpenSolaris.

Let me know what you think!

7 Responses

  1. luvbsd Says:

    How about a super easy to use home/SME “digital storage vault” type appliance so opensolaris will play nice with all the home electronics media needs? It should have a zone or jail or something that does web serving of content from http://solaris/Photos/ http://solaris/Music/ http://solaris/Movies/

    of course Photos Music Movies could be separate ZFS pools tuned for each type of content and accessible (or not) via SMB/NFS (even ZFS to the sun, apple and bsd folks) as well as the web. A nice search engine would turn it into a Google GSA clone (maybe opengrok or xapian would work but non text files need indexing too …). Does Beagle/Mono run on opensolaris? 🙂

    FreeBSD based is almost ready to do the home storage appliance thing using ZFS and geom journaling etc – opensolaris should be in the game 🙂

  2. Priit Laes Says:

    PS. You need also databases for Web Developer Kit (SQLite, MySQL or PostgresSQL).

    And if there is Rails, why not also Django or any other framework.

  3. Tim Foster Says:

    How about a LiveDVD(?) that has an instance of the latest IPS repository included. When you boot the liveDVD it starts a local instance of that repository.

    Local users then connect to that machine, rather than and receive updates a bit quicker – great for universities or user-groups with low bandwidth.

    Optionally, the LiveDVD could blast it’s copy of the repository to an attached disk, and then refresh it from, essentially allowing local users to more easily mirror

  4. johnj Says:

    Also add in the other kind of media kit – information for the media – press releases, white papers, presentations, etc.

  5. gt Says:

    the home and SME storage appliance is a great idea – especially since ZFS seems to provide an out of the box iSCSI target … I’ll certainly download multiple copies! 🙂

  6. Michal Bielicki Says:

    How about members being able to upload their selfmade appliances ? Something like the repository of VM’s that vmware provides ? That way I could upload a freeswitch livecd, maybe later other projects as well … I am sure it would develop fast into an impressive range of appliances

  7. ludo Says:

    It would be nice mentioning the GlassFish Java EE 5 Application server integration into Indiana.

    But…It is part of the Developer or the Derivatives?
    I would say Developer, as the main target for Indiana would be developers.