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As starts to focus more on the ‘download, install and run’ experience, catering towards the consumer rather than the producer, a few people in Sun have been working on a design separate to that of the current, here – though much of the content is still being worked out. will continue to be the live hub for most of the day-to-day activity we currently see across the projects and community groups – nothing changes there, though hopefully the benefit is that it will relieve some of the burden from on trying to cater for 2 pretty distinct audiences than it was originally intended for.

Of course I can’t take any credit in this, but personally I think the design is pretty fabulous! Have a play with the mockup, tell me what you think!

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  1. Che Kristo Says:

    Very nice! I like the simplicity (ala, it looks as if (going by the links that we will be pointing downloads back to…hopefully the marketing/design folk will choose not to do that as the inconsistant interface could be a bit of a turn off. Perhaps the only link back to should be the share portion…Thats my two cents

  2. UX-admin Says:

    It would be nice if one could, for instance, go to the “commercial” branch ( of OpenSolaris, and order DVDs for some minimal sum of money, kind of like what Ubuntu (or whoever) has for delivering free CDs/DVDs to anywhere in the world.

    Maybe this could be even turned into a profit, say a $1 profit per DVD?

  3. tretle Says:

    Very nice site, hopefulluy the forums get redesigned.

  4. Vladimir Kotal Says:

    The design mockup is pretty cool, especially the simplicity and layout. I still don’t know what to think of the bubble-logo (in the upper left corner), though.

  5. gman Says:

    UX-admin: We’ll have free CD shipping. There’s 40,000 CDs that will be ready and waiting for those who want a CD shipped to them. Obviously the download is going to be quicker than waiting 4-6 weeks for a CD, but the option is definitely there (along with mirroring/bittorrenting).

  6. Héctor Rico Says:

    Nice design , simply and beatifull .

  7. luvbsd Says:

    Looks great!

    Bonus comment -here’s another market niche for opensolaris to fill (besides the the home media storage appliance idea I posted previously :-D): <— use opensolaris, ZFS, and NMM ( to build kickass webbased asset management and storage applications). That and the right investments in, LiVES, kino, FilmGimp etc should allow you to take away ~10-15% of Final Cut Pro market — using longish term “adoption led” viral approach and all that 🙂

  8. tretle Says:

    when is this concept going online?