OpenSolaris 2008.05 (Hubba Bubba)

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OpenSolaris 2008.05 is here, and with the focus on simplicity, this blog post really shouldn’t go much further than 3 simple words –

To those that contributed, thank you! You rock my world, and I’m incredibly thankful for having the opportunity of working with you.

OpenSolaris 2008.05 is the first official release in a new binary distribution based on the OpenSolaris operating system. The single Live CD install image allows you to boot up to a desktop environment in seconds, and enjoy it before needing installing it onto a system. The introduction of a new package management system, IPS, allows users to install additional packages from network-based software repositories. The benefits of ZFS as the default root file-sysem provide the best environment to snapshot and rollback your system at any stage, with a best-of-both-worlds inclusion of the GNU utilities like bash(1). In many ways, hell has frozen over, and we’ve fundamentally changed how software is delivered to our users. For the better.

As Stephen mentioned there’s many more ways to get the install image, with both the Live CD and package repository being freely re-distributable, allowing those in network restricted countries to mirror locally and share.

To top if off, we even pulled off a new website, for those consuming our technology rather than producing it. It seemed the right fit at the time, rather than trying to shoe horn a significant area of growth for us into a set of heavily technical discussions.

Free CDs are also available – normally we ship one per person, but if you intend on organizing an event and you want more, let us know. Share the bubble love. Hubba Bubba.

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  1. Says:

    OpenSolaris 2008.05 ya disponible

    Glynn Foster nos cuenta que ya está disponible la primera versión oficial de OpenSolaris, y la primera distribución con binarios (antes era solo código fuente, o distribuciones de comunidad ajenas a SUN). Entre otras cosas tenemos un nuevo gestor d…

  2. John McHugh Says:

    Website looks slick 😀

  3. Lanzamiento de OpenSolaris 2008.05 Says:

    […] Fuente: Gnome […]

  4. Ben Says:

    Congrats to you and the team Glynn! Look forward to playing with the live CD.

  5. Russ Delo Says:

    Great job, I have been watching this for a long time! And it was worth the wait.

    Thank you from a none programmer, all the hard work is appreciated.

  6. Marco Says:

    I have download and installed Opensolaris 05/08,
    Do you known a mplayer pkg for this OS?


  7. Laxman Says:

    Whose brilliant idea was it to not include in the OpenSolaris distro? I know you can get it via IPS but if there are people who actually need to get Free CDs from Sun, they most probably can’t download OpenOffice either.

  8. David Comay Says:

    @Laxman, we would have loved to have included OpenOffice on the CD but there wasn’t enough space on it. Perhaps in the future we’ll provide something like a LiveDVD that includes it.

  9. mark umbel Says:

    this is a great distro on live cd. it found everything on my machine. however, after six tries – complete with fixmbr and clean drive, it still will not set grub on a two drive dell. reinstalled buntu 8 with no problem. i hope this problem can be solved because i think this may be the one to stop my distro-hopping.

  10. Dave Armstrong Says:

    Great job with OpenSolaris. I’m running it on Dell 745 now.

    A couple of suggestions that would make it better (IMHO):

    1. Include CUPS support. I would love for this OS to replace SuSE and Ubuntu on our 40 or so Linux boxes but I need CUPS support so that I can make the change gradually.

    2. The network didn’t work for my main development machine. I understand that might have something to do with NWAN and that disabling that and setting up the network manually might work. The network works out of the box for other OS’s on that machine, so I’m sure O/S will support it in coming releases.

    I love the crispness and usability of O/S and java support. Great job.