Post 2008.05 Vacation

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It seems a blur since we were all at the Moscone center releasing OpenSolaris 2008.05, and everything leading up to the big event. Jim has a great set of pictures from the event. Now the long slog to produce a similarly rocking release for November has started in earnest.

Fortunately I managed to get some vacation to charge up the batteries with a 3 week vacation in Europe that started with a couple of days around San Francisco with Jayne (and buying an iPhone so we had a camera with us), then over to Barcelona to see my beautiful sister getting married (and the lively Spanish reception and welcome) and a tour around the wonderful sites of Barcelona. From there, across to an insanely wet Rome for a couple of days, and up to the beautiful Florence, where I took the opportunity of proposing to Jayne (she said yes) after the most incredible meal I’ve had in a long time. Around Tuscany (Sienna, San Gimignano, Luca, San Gimignano and Pisa) exploring some vineyards on the way, and out to the Cinque Terre for a night. Finally, up on the train to Venice where we spent our remaining couple of days. All in all a pretty perfect month, though the jet-lag with a quick return trip to the US the week I got home was a little less fun. Roll on 2008.11.

The infamous ringGondolas of VeniceOne of the towns of Cinque TerraLeaning tower of PisaPlenty of bottoms in FlorencePonte Vecchio in FlorencePantheon in RomeWhere's Wally..I mean the pope?Winding stairs at the Vatican MuseumColloseumLydia and Edu getting marriedPre-wedding family lunchJamon at Mum & Dad's AptJayne at Parc GuellJayne at the Lolly marketSagrada FamiliaAlcatrazTrams in San Francisco

6 Responses

  1. W. Wayne Liauh Says:

    Congratulations (“She said yes”)!

    In case you plan to visit Hawaii in the future, don’t forget to give me a buzz. wayne

  2. Ché Kristo Says:

    Congratulations. A very perfect month indeed!

    Thanks for all of the hard work you put in to make Indiana a reality, I’m sure the next release will be just as amazing as the last…

  3. Dave Miner Says:

    Gman , you didn’t say anything about this when I had the opportunity to buy you a beer, you dog! Congrats!

  4. Domhnall Says:

    Just to reiterate: Congratulations to you both!!! Lots of love, D and G…

  5. Terry Says:

    You kept that quiet! Should be a shout in the office next week! 😉

  6. Neena Says:

    Was reading your blog and bumped into this! Many congratulations!! so when is the D day?