OpenSolaris gets Firefox 3 and Javascript probe love

3:58 pm Indiana, OpenSolaris, Web

Old news for a lot of Linux distributions, but the build 94 update that David posted finally brings Firefox 3 to OpenSolaris. Yay. What’s better is

gman@rampage:/var/pkg# pfexec dtrace -l | grep moz
   30 javascript1491             jsdtrace_execute_done execute-done
   31 javascript1491                        js_Execute execute-done
   32 javascript1491            jsdtrace_execute_start execute-start
   33 javascript1491                        js_Execute execute-start
   34 javascript1491            jsdtrace_function_args function-args
   35 javascript1491                      js_Interpret function-args
   36 javascript1491           jsdtrace_function_entry function-entry
   37 javascript1491                      js_Interpret function-entry
   38 javascript1491            jsdtrace_function_info function-info
   39 javascript1491                      js_Interpret function-info
   40 javascript1491          jsdtrace_function_return function-return
   41 javascript1491                      js_Interpret function-return
   42 javascript1491            jsdtrace_function_rval function-rval
   43 javascript1491                      js_Interpret function-rval
   44 javascript1491            jsdtrace_object_create object-create
   45 javascript1491        js_NewObjectWithGivenProto object-create
   46 javascript1491       jsdtrace_object_create_done object-create-done
   47 javascript1491        js_NewObjectWithGivenProto object-create-done
   48 javascript1491      jsdtrace_object_create_start object-create-start
   49 javascript1491        js_NewObjectWithGivenProto object-create-start
   50 javascript1491          jsdtrace_object_finalize object-finalize
   51 javascript1491                 js_FinalizeObject object-finalize

Yes, you’ve got it – DTrace Javascript Probes have been included.

4 Responses

  1. Jones Lee Says:

    Good news, I probably try OpenSolaris to see what’s so good about this UNIX. I heard that SPAM (Solaris, PHP, Apache, MySQL) has great performance.

  2. Miguel de Icaza Says:


    Also, Mono 2.0 will be shipping with dtrace probes on Solaris and MacOS X.

  3. gman Says:

    Miguel: Awesome, congrats on that!

  4. Arnaud ZIEBA Says:

    Hi, that’s definitely good news for all them web developers around coz debugging Javascript has never been a simple task. If DTrace Javascript Probes do as good a job as the other probes available, then it’s a winner.