Mirroring OpenSolaris ISO Images

7:59 am OpenSolaris

One thing we’ve taken very seriously in OpenSolaris is the opportunity of getting our software everywhere. That’s why we started the free media shipping program, and made our install image 100% re-distributable. There’s nothing new here, and other communities get the credit for coming up with the idea first. But it makes so much sense in today’s world, reaching out to new communities that we would not have reached previously.

A number of people stepped forward to mirror the OpenSolaris 2008.05 ISO install image. Thank you, thank you! – If any of you ever get to NZ, I’d buy you a beer in an instant. Now we’d like to ask you to do this again with the upcoming OpenSolaris 2008.11 release, and the following rsync instructions –

  rsync -avz pkg.opensolaris.org::osol_release_isos .

The total disk requirements to mirror the ISO images is about 14GB at the moment, which includes 2008.05. We are restricted by 4 concurrent connections, but we can bump this up if there’s enough demand. If you do mirror, drop me a mail, so I can make sure to list you on www.opensolaris.com/get.

More details about mirroring the package repository itself coming soon. Thanks due to Stephen and his team for getting this set up.

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  1. hasan adil Says:

    Hello, My name’s Hasan and I’m a graduate student in the Computer Sci department at Univ of Maine. I saw your talk of opensolaris on youtube and would like to request a copy of the student kit. I use a set of HP DL360 servers in my research. They are running on fedora right now. It’d be fun to use opensolaris and learn about ZFS etc. I used Solaris 8 in the past and it was too clunky.

    My address is:
    Hasan Adil
    499 Broadway, #184
    Bangor, ME 04401


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