OpenSolaris 2008.11 Released!

10:30 am OpenSolaris, Sun

So there we have it – another launch event and OpenSolaris 2008.11 goes officially out the door, blessed by holy goat pee. Another release out on time. Hooray for time based release schedules – they really are excellent, thanks GNOME!

There’s a couple of really big milestones for this release –

  • The pkg team have done wonders in this release. There are now a few new repositories – release, contrib, pending and dev, along with an encumbered repository (including VirtualBox and Flash for Firefox) and supported repositories on
  • I talked about mirroring the ISO images (thank you for those who have already signed up), and now Stephen has posted instructions to allow others to mirror the package repositories themselves. There’s still a few hurdles here, but this is a significant step for users right around the world.
  • Erwann has written extensively about Time Slider, and has has a lovely screencast demo of it that I’d encourage everyone to look at. More importantly though, it’s one of the first projects to really include the benefits of using OpenSolaris into an easy to use interface (ZFS + GNOME – mmmm, tasty!). Nice work Erwann, Niall and Tim!
  • Really, really excited by the pkgfactory and source juicer projects – along with Jim’s excellent guidelines for how users can contribute packages, I hope to see the repositories above be full of the best of breed open source software that are being used regularly on other platforms. It’s embarrassing to think that Solaris was such a second citizen when it came to open source software previously, and I’m thrilled we’re making progress on this front.
  • Continual progress from the Install team – with the likes of distribution constructor and automated install really coming along nicely. The team put in some really hard work in keeping the memory footprint to 512MB in the LiveCD (and absolutely delighted to see Jürgen’s work in improving the performance of LZMA compressed LiveCDs).

6 months has really flown, and it’s really been great to see some awesome progress being made. We’ve taken a leaf out of the GNOME community once again, and put together a What’s new in 2008.11 guide, similar to their release notes. This is a very graphically oriented guide to just a small selection of new features that you can get your hands on with this release – looking forward to seeing blogs and screencasts of the features that you are excited with.

If you’re updating from a standard 2008.05 install, make sure to check out Markus’ excellent screencast – there are some tricky bits here due to a couple of bad bugs in 2008.05, but once you get to 2008.11 you’ll never look back!

7 Responses

  1. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Why is this stupid OpenSolaris propaganda blog published on planetgnome?

  2. gman Says:

    Tom: Feel free to mail Jeff and ask him to remove my feed from Planet GNOME, or only pick up certain tags.

  3. Corey Burger Says:

    Yep, OpenSolaris propaganda indeed. Except that OpenSolaris is good for Linux (and GNOME). And I really really want TimeSlider. Now if only Sun would license ZFS under the GPL…

  4. Joe Buck Says:

    I think that this posting is entirely appropriate; the release is Gnome-based technology and this is Gnome-related news.

  5. nachox Says:

    Congrats gman, we all know how hard you’ve worked to get this release out of the door, and i’m very happy with it. Much more polished than the previous one.

  6. Simos Says:

    The posting is fine.
    Some of the comments are simply rude.

  7. Ché Kristo Says:

    Totally appropriate for Planet Gnome; some people just love to whinge!

    Glynn, the quality of this release is outstanding – I’ll buy you a beer next time you’re in Sydney =)