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With a lot of help from Eric, I’ve finally had some time to fix Planet OpenSolaris, and add some feeds. This aggregator has been predominantly English only, but now have started to set up language specific aggregations. If you’re actively involved in the OpenSolaris developer community out, and you write your blog in a different language, give me a ping.

First prize goes to Planet, and Victor Fernandez!

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  1. roberto pereyra Says:


    I saw that you are one Gnome mantainer.

    Please may you forward this bug to the Ekiga maintainer because rejects my mails.

    Thanks, roberto

    Bug 569315 – Ekiga crash when start in OpenSolaris 2008.11
    View Bug Activity | Clone This Bug
    Product: ekiga
    Component: general
    Version: 3.0.x
    Priority: Normal
    Severity: critical
    Opened by Roberto Pereyra (reporter, points: 0)
    2009-01-27 11:19 UTC [reply]

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Install Ekiga 3.00 for OpenSolaris – The installation was successful.
    2. run ekiga
    3. ekiga: fatal: hardware capability unsupported: 0x1000 [ SSE2 ]