#blackedout – appeal against S92A

3:25 pm NewZealand

2 Responses

  1. sxpert Says:

    what is S92A about ?

  2. gman Says:

    Essentially a law that comes into place where a copyright holder can accuse someone of infringing without trial. The ISPs are the ones having to enforce that, and would result in shutting off their internet. However, while I think it’s fair that copyright should be protected for artists, the way it is implemented is poor on a couple of counts – cutting off someone’s network connection is removing their right to participate in society (eg. banking, bill paying, etc..), and the fact that anyone who offers an internet connection for others to use is thus an ISP (schools, businesses, internet cafes, etc..). The fact that ISPs (and other parties) are having to make that call themselves is totally impractical, since copyright law is very hard to judge, and this law provides no support or infrastructure to make that call possible. Check out creativefreedom.org.nz for more details.