Mexican Substances for Release Time

8:55 am OpenSolaris

If you had been following OpenSolaris development during the lead up to 2008.05 and 2008.11, you might have heard the developers talking about Mexican Coke getting them through (the tip may be thanks to the guys at Joyent). Now rather than believe the engineers are a bunch of crack heads, their addiction is only to a sugary drink made from sugar cane and not sweetener used in the US.

So, on the lead up to OpenSolaris 2009.06 with fond memories of our first release coinciding with Cinco de Mayo, I give you Mexican chocolate perfect for those early morning conference calls.

One Response

  1. markuz Says:

    Chocolate, I will recommend chocolate “La abuelita” instead, anyway, both are good with “conchas” (

    I use to eat chocolate la abuelita like candies.