OpenSolaris on FLOSS Weekly

12:59 pm FOSS, OpenSolaris

I had the privilege to be a guest on FLOSS Weekly with Leo Laporte and Jono Bacon this week, thanks guys! Of course Aaron and David had done awesome groundwork with an interview on ZFS a few weeks earlier. It was a fun hour, and I enjoyed it though can think of many thing I’d answer differently now! Looking forward to catching up with Jono and others at the Community Leadership Summit next month in San Jose, the weekend before OSCON.

And yes, OpenSolaris is officially ‘not bollocks’. Check it out!

3 Responses

  1. Che Says:

    great interview Glynn…good to see people getting excited about the project

  2. Alec The Geek Says:

    You’ll know you’ve been successful when it’s the dog’s bollocks

  3. Stephen Henderson Says:

    That was a fantastic interview. Very informative and funny.