Oracle’s committment to Sun Solaris and SPARC

7:11 pm OpenSolaris, Sun

Nice to see Oracle starting to come out of the woodwork on a few issues in the interim. Good strong statement for Sun’s existing customer and userbase, and headsup to IBM –

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  1. tth Says:

    Are they going to drop the brain-damaged MySQL thinggy ?

  2. Lukas Says:

    Had a good laugh – sorry, but it would be *impossible* for Oracle to do any
    worse than Sun does now, especially in the service and support department. And
    zfs really could use some stability and reliability improvements … ‘stop looking and start ganging’ and related hit us hard more than once.

    I look forward to a better sun experience and wish you all (honestly) good luck!

  3. Alejandro Says:

    What happen with MySQL?

  4. gman Says:

    Lukas: I disagree with you – Sun is widely known as providing the best paid support services. Yes there have been issues with Solaris’ old patching technology, but I fully expect IPS to fix that situation. I agree ZFS has had issues, but probably no more than any other relatively new file system of choice.
    tth: I don’t know – this ad is obviously about their commitment to Solaris and SPARC.

  5. Dave Says:

    Oh yeah 😀

    Pretty sure all the same The Register (Chris Mellor et al) and Steven J Vaugh Nicols etc and just about every other hack with a crystal ball on a slow news day will find some way to put a negative spin on this.

    Personally, I’m jazzed!

  6. Alberto Ruiz Says:

    Really happy to see that many of the folks I worked with are safe, not really surprised of any of those statements to be honest. Why would you buy Sun otherwise? 🙂

    I’m sort of excited to see what’s going to happen once the cogs are altogether 🙂

  7. P Diddy Says:

    Let’s be honest though, “spending more money on X than Sun does now” wouldn’t be all that difficult, and could mean as little as hiring one extra person!

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  9. shayne Says:

    “Are they going to drop the brain-damaged MySQL thinggy ?”

    I should hope not. Brain Damaged or not, MySQL is a tight, fast, efficient and most importantly affordable DB thats served the low end admirably well. Oracles a great DB , but its generally out of both the price range and the philosophical (Open source) scope of a lot of installations.

    I dont care if they call it “Oracle MySQL” or whatever, as long as they keep it alive.

    Oracle now is in a position to capture the low end via MySQL by applying Oracle engineers expertise to it and really making it a winning proposition. I hope they realise that.

  10. anonymous Says:

    I’ve heard stories of people who got the advice from their Sun partnered IT supplier/ISV’s, that Oracle was going to do just about the reverse of everything on that list.

    Assuming that was then FUD, how did that even start to spread?

    I know from some big companies that have already started investing time into a possible solaris replacement based on such advice. It seems a few months late for Oracle to respond to these rumours.

  11. Chris Samuel Says:

    Hmm, so I guess that’s the end of Sun in HPC where neither SPARC nor Solaris are of any use.. 🙁

  12. Che Says:

    To clear things up here is a great video if you have the time to listen. Zander and Larry having a chat very recently…

    To the above anon post that says “I know from some big companies that have already started investing time into a possible solaris replacement based on such advice.”

    wtf? This would have to be the most foolish things I have ever heard. Re-platforming would have to be one of the most expensive transition exercises I can think of right up there with physical data centre relocation. You would have to be totally out of your mind to begin such actions based upon a rumour alone…there is no doubt more to that story.