Nearly 50% of the new businesses do not cross the five-year mark, while 3% of companies thrive, dominating the market for the next few decades. The key points differentiating the successful business from the unsuccessful ones are subtle but crucial for business success.

Providing extraordinary customer service combined with proven innovative marketing strategies and new ideas that will get the wow factor are the secrets to standing out in any competitive environment. Here are five more points that will help distinguish your business from others.

Professionalism matters 

Differentiating the products is vital to stay ahead in today’s extremely competitive market. Be professional in the business approach, and make everything regarding the business stand out prominently. Customize the business premises to look inviting, opt for new marketing strategies and target versatile clients explaining your service.

Staying professional in all aspects like using a cell phone booster to make and receive clear calls, training all the companies’ employees to act consistently and proficiently will always impress customers. Solutions from ensure zero call drops and you don’t have to struggle for optimum signal reception while attending important client calls.

Create the need

Businesses should have a narrow niche providing specialized services to their customers. The top listed companies in the Fortune 500 list always create new customers’ requirements and make them depend on it desperately. For example, Facebook was created as a college startup to rank how attractive each student looked, targeting a very narrow niche.

They created the need for socializing, took it to another notch, and made people unable to function without them. This strategy applies to many technology companies starting from Netflix to Uber. Creating the need and targeting a very narrow niche will fetch enormous business success in the beginning. Expand the customer base as the business develops.

Provide extraordinary service

Surprising the clients is the most crucial factor in any business. Providing the customer what they paid for with the assured quality is excellent while delighting them with ingenious touches makes the business stand out. For example, a cell signal boosting company can send motivational or inspiring messages to all the people coming under their device’s perimeter.

A simple statement like just an hour for lunch or coffee break, fast approaching will instantly lighten up the hard-working employees’ mood. Think about how to surprise and impress your customers with a little extra and implement it immediately.

Partner up and provide versatile services

Partnering up with companies providing similar services is often very beneficial to the clients and the business. A cell phone booster selling company partnering with a real estate company arranging clients to rent office space will highly benefit by explaining their service to potential business owners. In return, they can give a discount to the real estate company using their service.

Provide versatile service to the customers by offering to fulfill the additional needs that might arise. For example, the company can sell mobile phone jammers to be used in meeting rooms and conference rooms in addition to signal boosters in the main office.

Innovative marketing and cause marketing

Cause marketing showcasing the company as a social business benefiting the society kindles the customer to buy more as they contribute to the community by each purchase. Responsible marketing showcasing all the business procedures comply with fair trade policies and environmental laws gain massive success.

Innovative marketing, which brings a smile to the customer’s face, always wins. A chocolate company advertising in a yoga mat saying, “even we relieve stress,” will fetch the company more customers than its costly highway billboards. Beautiful photographs or catchy phrases, and funny anecdotes are the main features of innovative marketing.