Times have changed and investors are becoming picky. Founders of startups can no longer attract investors with a great idea alone. They want to see some proof of viability. Getting your product or service market-ready is only the beginning and if no one wants to pay money for it, your business is dead in the water.

Getting some business clients to actually use your products or services could set you apart and give investors more confidence in your startup.

Get feedback from potential clients

You will have to use different marketing tactics to those used by large companies because you probably don’t have the budget for comprehensive marketing strategies.

However, there are low-cost strategies you can use to bring users to your products or services, even if they aren’t 100% perfect yet. Working together with prospective clients and getting feedback from them is one of the best ways to become the best you can be.

For example, you may want to show prospective clients how you handle data security to impress them that this is a top priority. If you use GoAnywhere, it offers you secure file transfer software. You can centralize and secure all your file transfers with ease, streamline manual processes and also achieve compliance with data security standards.

Use your connections

Approaching the people already in your network is a good place to start. Other business owners may have an existing customer base that’s a fit for your products or services. Using LinkedIn outreach and working your network can get you some introductions.

Attending conferences and trade shows in your industry can also help you to make more vital connections that could be very helpful to you. If you already have investors, ask them to spread the word about your startup as they usually have extensive networks.

Be where your customers are

Find out where people on the net are talking about your industry or niche or the problem you’re solving with your product or services. For example, there are topic-dedicated forums on websites like Quora and Reddit that may be relevant to your business.

If people are looking for answers to questions, you can join in the conversation and gain a reputation as someone with expert knowledge who wants to help. You will get more traction in this way than you can with traditional news coverage. You can be right there when someone asks that crucial question for which you have the perfect solution.

Send out emails

Perhaps you believe that sending out emails to people you don’t know is completely ineffective. Of course, salesy emails with generic wording won’t work. However, good emails that are conversational and light in tone, to the point, contextual and with a clear call-to-action can be effective.

If you’re just starting to build your network, you can’t do without an email list as it provides a scalable yet personal way of getting in touch with a wide range of prospective clients.

Offer free stuff

When you want to get people behind you and your business, giving out free stuff can help. For example, if your product is SaaS, users testing it for free can be very valuable to you. It helps you to build up your initial user base and refine your product.

Offering free trials is essential as you can’t expect users to pay for a product when they don’t know what it feels like to use it. You could also use a freemium model where you offer part of a product for free and people can upgrade to use other more powerful features.



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