Most people would say that video games are fun – but the question is “why?”.  First of all, fun is comparative, and sometimes watched in contrast to someone’s accessible options. As an example, if you take your children off from the front of the screen and put them in front of an interactive game, for sure you’ll hear “I’m bored.” But if you take them out in the nature where there are no video games, no Wi-Fi, no screens, no tech at all – you will probably hear “let’s at least play an interactive game.”

So, what makes an activity truly entertaining and fun that it becomes the absolute best option available? Is video gaming the best option above all? This question perhaps haunts most parents’ heads.

If you consider this option for a bit, growing up with Nintendo was the absolute fun. It’s because there wasn’t something that could beat that. It wasn’t only about the chance to have full control over the screen characters, or compete against your friends and family, but the names of the games were incredible: Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Street fighter, Tetris, Donkey Kong, are just a few of the best games ever developed, for years later.

But now, we’ve got many new and different video games that make people want to play them. So, why are video games fun?

Why Are Video Games Fun?

Video games are entertaining because they lead us to new and amazing realities, which satisfies our desires for success and gratitude. The attention to detail is what keeps us interested and engaged. They’ve come a long way from games like Tetris or leading snake to a whole new world, like parallel universes. Video games not only preoccupy children’s minds, but adults’ too.

What’s so attractive about video games that make people stay in front of the screens for hours?

The most obvious reason why video games are so entertaining is because they manage to transport us to new realities. Video games can make players feel new and different, entering worlds they would never imagine, or get the chance to explore. You will also experience situations that your mind wouldn’t ever think about.

Since forever, people are trying to find ways to escape everyday stress and ordinary life. Developing a new reality, giving yourself the device to break from the banalities of the real world is what gamers call “success.” The attraction of the video games stands in the opportunity for the gamer to be and accomplish exactly what he wants, with no need of being judged or misunderstood, which often happens in real life. That feeling is what gamers call “Escapism” – it’s what keeps them always coming back in front of the screens.

We Crave Control and Success

The feeling of control and success often go hand in hand. Think of it like this: you move into a new home, buy yourself a new car, or change your job for something better. It’s what makes one feel that he or she has some kind of control of the situations in their lives. It also raises the feeling of accomplishment, which is something we all crave, for our entire lives. But unfortunately, in real life, this happens not too often. In video games, on the other hand, we tend to achieve success every day.

Winning a race, easily changing the parts geek to a vehicle, obtaining the key to a fortress, or being the hero of a war, will boost and pump your adrenaline, giving you a feeling of gratitude. You will feel that you’re actually 100% good at something. When you have a sense of control of something, you often feel like you’re more powerful. It’s exactly the opposite of what you usually feel in real life. The feeling of weakness when you make important changes will eventually make you stop from growing. Control and achievement – these are two powerful assets someone gets to experience when gaming.

Freedom and Bonding

Freedom is a basic human feeling. We crave freedom since the moment we’re born. Feeling in control and being authoritative and confident in making decisions for ourselves is deeply rooted in human nature. It’s one of the reasons why video games are so satisfying – they give us the freedom to do just anything we desire, including things we are not supposed to, without a feeling of guilt.

Since we are little, we seek to fit in with other people. With everything we do or any action we take, we tend to seek approval from the rest of the society. It’s how we get close to other people, communicate, and relate with one another. But this isn’t something easy to do. In video games, on the other hand, it is much easier. Anyone who plays video games already knows they do it for a reason. We don’t have to talk with other players before, we just jump in the game and already feel comfortable saying everything that comes through our minds. And in the situation where you feel like you don’t fit in, just change the game.

Recent studies have shown that people who usually play video games are more confident and communicate better with others. The remarkable graphics in video games give us the impression that we actually live in the real world. Some games have extraordinary realistic scenes that we can just look at the screen and feel amazed. It’s like you’re the director, the writer, and also have the leading role in a movie. What could possibly beat that? The attention to detail is huge and we just can’t pass that into the real world.

Humans’ brains are naturally set up to face difficulties. Can you think about something in real life that makes you feel entertained for hours? Exactly, video games. The feeling of victory you get when playing video games cannot be compared to anything else. So, what are your favorite video games?

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