If you’ve loved numbers since Grade 1, you’ve probably excelled at maths. Add your Excel skills to the mix and you can expect to see career doors swinging open for you. After all, 82% of jobs require Excel skills, and this with your math skills can increase your job prospects and your earning potential on Wall Street.

A life with so many options

Taking an online maths and excel course is a super way to sharpen the skills you have so that a Wall Street job career comes looking for your skills. With Straighterline, you can enroll in an affordable online general calculus I course or any other maths or excel course and work at your own pace. Some maths can be pretty complex, but you get plenty of support. You can watch explanatory videos and master practice questions so that you’re ready for similar maths and excel problems when you do your exams.

Free tutoring is also available to help you with knowing how to apply formulas to solve problems. Basic maths and excel skills can already take you beyond your college years, but more advanced classes from a reputable source will give you a life that comes with so many more options.

Maths and Excel needed in every industry

People often think that having maths and excel behind you limit the type of work you can do. But that’s not true as certainly, maths is applicable to literally every industry today. Anyone with a degree in maths isn’t just coveted for their maths skills but because they are critical thinking people with problem-solving expertise.

Maths and excel open so many doors, from data scientist to auditor to financial analyst to economist and much more. You can literally take your maths and excel skills and use them for a career that is exciting and lucrative to you.

Your Wall Street CV HAS to have maths and excel

Entering the Wall Street job market can be daunting but apply for suitable positions and not those beyond your skills set. Once you’ve done your CV, you’ll need access to the Internet to browse job portals. When you find something that suits your skills and interest, email your CV laying out your maths and excels skills.

In fact, experts say that to apply for a job on Wall Street. You dare not submit a CV without maths and excel skills. Most office jobs on Wall Street require you to have Microsoft Excel to ensure a productive day.

Take high school maths and excel

If you want to make it on Wall Street, there are some tricks of the trade that can get you there and help you succeed. It begins even in high school already – studying the right subjects. With maths and excel, you will have a head start with your job application efforts.

Having solid mathematical and excel skills can lay the foundation to becoming a skilled trader, and being a trader is just one job of many. Traders need to be analytical. After all, your day is spent doing marketing analysis. For any finance professional on Wall Street, proficiency in Excel is going to be a fundamental part of the job description.

You’re ensured a better paying job

Excel skills on Wall Street have never been more important. As suggested, those who know Excel are better equipped to get a better-paying job. If you want to increase your spreadsheet skills, take a quick course – you’ll see – it will make it that much easier to get your foot in a Wall Street door.

Certainly, financial analysts have to know MS Excel like the back of their hands. They have to make recommendations based on financial data. Analyzing numerical data is part of their job as they advise companies on how to make good financial decisions. Their spreadsheets have to show sales and costs and for this information, they need to use Excel to make accurate investment decisions.

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