Having all the necessary tools and software for your live streaming channel means that it’s enough for your live debut. What if someone told you there are still missing elements that need to be integrated into your live streaming channel to make it interesting? As a content creator and having only one way online to reach your audience, here are a few elements that make your live streaming channel a hit.

Keep the setup simple

Simply because you have high-quality tools doesn’t mean that you should develop a complicated setup thinking that it will serve your purpose. Keeping the setup simple will ensure that you won’t have transmission issues and other connectivity issues that will keep the creation signal weak. It will also offer compelling livestreams that will keep your channel a hit to watch and listen to.

Visiting https://melonapp.com/features/streaming-tools/ and getting started with a leading stream tool will help you develop a simple setup that is engaging to your audience. With Melon, you will make your channel a hit by streaming to one or more destinations, personalizing your stream with endless overlay, theme, and schedule streams.

Lighting and audio quality

Lighting and audio quality are what make your live streaming content look and sound great. Most viewers are attracted to live streams that they can listen to with ease and judge what’s happening clearly as the images are of high resolution. Contrary to the pre-recorded video, there are no backs in live streams, and you have to make sure that the content produced is of high quality.

Avoid practices like backlighting your subject, allowing too much natural light like the sun, your favorite music in the background, and wearing patterns. The above practices will impact your Livestream negatively, leading to mass migration to the other channel.

Eye contact

Keeping eye contact with your audience is one of the great elements to make your channel a hit. It’s very important to keep eye contact when speaking to other people and not limited to when creating Livestream content. Avoid facing down or any other side and face the camera directly as it will make you appear more honest.

Throughout the live stream, you should maintain eye contact at least 90% and more if possible. Maintaining eye contact shows that you are confident about what you are doing as you can easily connect with the creative audience.

Real-time engagement

Real-time engagement is a great way to make your live streaming channel a hit as it increases audience engagement. Users tend to be highly content when you use their questions, showing the level of concern you have for them. Through the chat, ask simple questions that only require simple answers from the live streamers as it will greatly complement the flow of the live stream.

If possible, when replying to your live streamers, call them by their names as they have indicated as it makes your words more personal, and it’s often interpreted as being empathic. But, eventually, it will help to build strong bonds that are hard to break.

Marketing ahead of time

Marketing ahead of time helps to build excitement around your live debut ahead of time. You can use your social media accounts and other marketing strategies to create a strategic awareness and watch the numbers of live streamers increase.

It reminds the audience of what to expect from the live streaming channel and builds more anticipation. Make sure you release a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes footage on the social media accounts that will leave them in suspense. Also, you can engage the audience ahead of time by asking them to submit ideas in advance.

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