May 2, 2010

I released librsvg-2.26.3 last night. It was the first time that I release librsvg as its maintainer.

At first I could not do scp the tar ball to since my home directory was read-only. Oh my god! I jumped into #sysadmin channel and cried “My home directory is read-only!”.

I thought they all on the channel were sleeping because it was midnight in Europe. But soon after that, Olav said “fixed”. Then I can release librsvg-2.26.3 without any further accidents.

Thanks Olav for your immediately action!

My name is Hiroyuki Ikezoe. I am a new maintainer of librsvg.

I decided to write a blog in English to train English writing. The first blog is about librsvg rendering with cairo.

librsvg uses cairo to draw basic shapes, line, rect, circle and others, converts all those shapes to bezier paths once.  It causes some overhead.

I post a patch to bugzilla to cut the overhead out.

It brings 5% – 29% speeding up to render basic shapes.