GNOME Code Assistance supports pylint syntax checker

GNOME Code Assistance (GCA) is a project which aims to provide common code assistance services for code editors (simple editors as well as IDEs). It is an effort to provide a centralized code-assistance as a service for the GNOME platform instead of having every editor implement their own solution.

Yesterday I got some feedback from Vadim Rutkovsky that GNOME Builder or Gedit is unusable for python because missing syntax checker (Coding Standard, Error Detection and etc.). He is using pyflakes, but in DNF project we’re using pylint and I like it more.

I wrote patch which implementing this functionality. Today discussed with Jesse van den Kieboom, fixed some things and patch was merged.

To use pylint with GCA you need to pass {“pylint”: True} as “options” parameter for DBus. You can replace “True” with any string if you want, just don’t use False 😉

Feel free to report bugs and send patches in BGO!