RPM Fusion, RussianFedora and future

Hi Fedora users,

I want to share my thoughts about RPM Fusion and my proposal to fix issues with RussianFedora.

Which issues I found with RPM Fusion?

  • Doesn’t support development branches of Fedora
  • Old infrastructure: CVS, no koji, etc.
  • Support rawhide, but packages are not installable due to broken deps (gstreamer*, ffmpeg)
  • Old packages (mpv)

All this issues fixed in RussianFedora always (we release alpha, beta versions of RFRemix with 1-2 days delay after Fedora), so we support devel branches of Fedora. Also we’re using Koji to build packages and git to store RPM specs, patches.

Today I did copy and update of ffmpeg and mpv packages from rpmfusion to RussianFedora. They already in F22 and rawhide repos. Tomorrow I will do the same for F21.

Please read my post about RussianFedora at WorldOfGNOME.org

I want to ask:

  • packagers, what do you think about replacing rpmfusion with russianfedora? Please comment what things you are want to use and we don’t have. We don’t have pkgdb, FAS, bodhi. But we not needed it before.
  • users, what do you missed in rpmfusion which we can fix in RussianFedora? Probably old packages which you are using or broken packages.

P.S. currently we have instructions about joining to RF packagers, etc. in Russian language, but if you will be interested in this, I will write them in English.

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  1. smoku says:

    For me, the absolute no-go for RussianFedora repos was “upgrading” plain packages to RussianFedora-branded packages.
    I understand you do a good work, but I do not appreciate plastering your advertisements all over my system and screen. Thank you.

  2. thanks a lot for sharing about RPM Fusion..
    very helpful