libsmartcols-bindings 0.0.1

First “Birthday” release of libsmartcols-bindings is here!

Some time ago Karel Zak introduced libsmartcols (The libsmartcols library is used for smart adaptive formatting of tabular data.) and I really wanted to use it from Python and I asked to add python bindings. Few days ago I started to work on this on my own because I got some free time. I have implemented something working (only for python) and sent pull request and then I have been fighting with autocraptools and Travis CI. I didn’tt finish it because I was getting some weird errors in Travis which I couldn’t reproduce on my laptop so I just left it as is. And yesterday I realized that would be great to get bindings for languages like perl, lua, ruby, others and I started to work on this in my separate repository (which is not related to util-linux, just bindings for libsmartcols) and now we have first release with some documentation and 3 languages supported more or less (look at examples).

“Birthday” is because today I have birthday 😉

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  1. Daniel Espinosa says:

    I can recommend you to create a GObject binding, this will bring you, automatically, bindings to diffent languages like Python, Vala, Javascript and others.

    Using autotools bring you access to different features. Yes, learn it is hard, but the final result and be very convenient to Windows, Debian and RedHat packaging and i18n are invaluable features for the future of your project.