GNOME MultiWriter 3.15.1 released

Richard Hughes released first version of GNOME MultiWriter. He made post about project, but in release more cool features and changes.

GNOME MultiWriter can be used to write an ISO file to multiple USB devices at once. Once an .img or .iso file has been chosen it can be written to an unlimited number of USB devices simultaneously. Supported drive sizes are between 1Gb and 32Gb.

MultiWriter was originally written as part of the ColorHug project but was split off as an independent application in 2015.

People have used MultiWriter in a few different ways:

  • To copy a specific ISO for QA testing for a small number of users
  • To share a LiveUSB image of GNOME for a code sprint
  • To create hundreds of USB flash drives for the ColorHug project

Sure, package was added in Fedora 21+. You can install it from koji (f21, f22) right now and install just via yum/dnf in the near future.

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