Retro ThinkPad Survey 4: Miscellaneous


Please keep the feedback coming! Click here to take survey 1, here to take survey 2 or here to take survey 3 if you have not responded yet.

You can take survey 4 by clicking here.

“Next week I’ll post a recap of the results and discuss where we are on the project so far. Thanks again for all the passion and time you have put into this effort. We are listening.” © David Hill

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Retro ThinkPad Survey 2: Displays, Keyboard, and More

Many of us using ThinkPad (Lenovo or IBM) from day to day, because it’s really comfortable, durable and etc. But new models got some design changes (probably good, but bad for me) like non-hardware-buttons for trackpoint, added trackpad. In previous week David Hill posted first announce and survey about Retro ThinkPad. Users should choose their preferences about keyboard, trackpoint/trackpad, monitor, resolution and etc. and we will get new model with old features (like 7-row keyboard) but with new hardware. Now it’s time to second announce and survey. If you have not completed first survey – please complete it also.

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