Vala 0.5.3

Long time no post, I’ll try to get better. Yesterday we’ve released Vala 0.5.3. Tarballs are available from the GNOME FTP servers.

  • D-Bus server support has been rewritten to directly use libdbus. Avoiding dbus-glib marshalling helps Vala to support complex D-Bus types more easily.
  • All Vala structs will now be registered with GBoxed.
  • Many critical warnings and crashes on invalid code have been fixed and replaced by better understandable error messages.
  • Private class fields and class destructors (base_finalize) are now supported.
  • vala-gen-project has been dropped from the package, it is now part of Vala Toys for gEdit, which is progressing very well.
  • Many bug fixes all over the place.

In the following weeks and months we will focus on bug fixing, finishing some partially implemented features, and switching to GObject Introspection trunk for our bindings. We’re aiming to release a stable Vala 1.0 in March 2009.