incrementally fixing incremental reflow

I *think* I fixed a bunch of scrolling issues in GtkTreeView. The patch (against GTK+ HEAD) is here. If you have time to test it against your application using TreeView, please do. If it breaks anything, please tell me (and it would be really great if you could provide me with a small testcase which isolates the problem). After some more testing this will hopefully land in GTK+ HEAD, so I can continue with the other bugs. The #gnome-nl people had some beer last Wednesday. Most people also watched the soccer match (against Finland). Some photos are here. Hopefully these do not have (fucked up) color profiles. Apparently there is still something wrong with the combination of my Mac mini, my 19″ CRT and photos with color profiles. (GUADEC photos are coming up soon, since this non-iPhoto gallery creation thing appears to work fine). Also bought a bunch of concert tickets today. Am going to see 'The Sex Pistols Experience', 'System Of A Down', and 'Anti-Flag'. Apparently Pennywise is coming to the Netherlands too, need to get tickets for that later. Also, NX really rocks. Try it. Luis: The Germans are not the only Europeans to pay people to check train tickets. In Netherlands we do so too. IIRC in Belgium too.

random stuff

Since I returned from GUADEC I have been trying to create a little video of the slides Glynn used for his talk at GUADEC (“101 Things to Know about GNOME”). It's almost done, just need to get the music in place, render it and convert it to theora/vorbis. We'll tell you once it's online. Last week I have been using Apple's keynote for the first time. IT IS AMAZING. Want to have some animations? Easy. Nice slide transition? No problem. And the most amazing thing (in my opinion) are the 'guides' which mark, for example, the center of the slide. These guides pop up when moving objects. I hope the people writing a presentation app for gnome look a bit at keynote to get some inspiration and ideas. Oh, yeah, before I forget. I am going to maintain GtkTreeView, starting today. My goal is to reduce the current bugcount of 152 bugs to something below 80 before GTK+ 2.8 is released. I hope that a) I will succeed and b) it will make people happy. Some random messages: – Last Sunday/Monday we celebrated that my parents have been married for 25 years. – I bought some new CDs: At The Drive-In — This station is non-operational and some live recording from the Sex Pistols. – My mail address has been doing weird this weekend and maybe even some days before that. It seems to be fine again now. (In the unlikely event that you happened to mail me and the mail bounced or I just didn't reply. Please mail again).


Morgen (woensdag 8 juni) vanaf ongeveer 19:00, in kroegje Stairway to Heaven te Utrecht. Bier. After-GUADEC geblaat.

and why the fuck did At The Drive-In ever break up??

guadec and motivation

GUADEC was insanely great! Thanks to all people who made this happen! More on GUADEC including photos later, first want to braindump a list of stuff which I want to check out/hack on in non-particular order before I forget everything:

  • Xgl, the demo at GUADEC was seriously impressive. I need to compile it, play with it, figure out the relation between Xgl and luminocity. Once I understand the stack, I want to implement something like expose.
  • I I found out about the NSViewAnimation class on OSX. (Also look at the NSAnimation class it inherits from). Maybe it would be fun to have some API like this in X/GNOME, so need to look at this more closely.
  • I also had a little talk with Miguel, and I should also have a new look at the managed C/C++ stuff using another route than translating WHIRL to IL. In the new route we would use the intermediate language GCC 4 is using and translate that to IL. We could probably plug this all in GCC, but I am not sure since I am not really familiar with GCC internals. Needs research.
  • I want to try to give TreeView some love before gtk+ 2.8 is released. At GUADEC Jonathan and I figured that there are 152 bugs filed against TreeView!
  • My own dumb personal project which I hack on when I feel like it.
  • Oh, and my bachelorproject which I would like to finish by the end of the summer.

Hrm, I guess this will keep me busy for a while.