GTK+ 2.10 / Project Ridley Progress Blog (Episode 2)

Hello and welcome to the second episode of this irregular GTK+ 2.10 progress blog. It has been about two weeks since the last entry already, and some progress has been made in several areas. For people tracking GTK+ 2.10 progress for the various new API calls, this small change will be important: GtkCellRendererKeys has been renamed to GtkCellRendererAccel. We did this to make it more consistent with the terminology used throughout GTK+. Ross Burton announced that he is working on a stylus mode for GTK+. A must for handhelds devices, tablet notebooks, etc. You can find his announcement on gtk-devel-list, and there's also a Wiki page over at Work has also continued on the recent files implementation, Emmanuele Bassi has been researching the Windows-way of storing recently opened files. Of course we want to be sure that the recent files API can be implemented nicely on Windows platforms. You can read about his findings in his post to gtk-devel-list. Federico is still going strong making the file chooser ultrafast. Learn more about file chooser optimizations in the lastest episodes of “Profiling the file chooser”: [part 2] [part 3] [part 4]. And there's a new cool offscreen rendering demo from Alex Larsson! Watch!. Last but not least, the usual share of bugfixes, small updates (also a bunch of win32 updates), etc. [I have been slacking. I will get to treeview-feature-hacking soon! Really!]