Flow control: xon/xoff

It has just come to my attention that i forgot to blog about gtk2.10/ridley for like, more than a month. Sorry. However it is not going to happen today, maybe some other day. I am wondering whether there are even more (I know a few persons with this problem) irssi/screen users who are experiencing random freezes. What basically happens is that irssi blocks on a write call, which is, according to a friend of mine, caused by some bug in screen. I've never found a solution for this problem and I wonder if there even is one (a solution that is, there is a problem for sure). I hope the mighty lazyweb has an answer. Lately I am spending way too much time reading istheshit.net and uncyclopedia. Though it wasn't that bad today. It looks like I am getting nothing done, but but but, there is one positive accomplishment: I managed to build a new fileserver and migrate to it (after 3 or 4 months of comtemplating which components to buy). I now have a fun little fanless Epia board, in a big ATX case. Ripped a stack of CDs last weekend, since I finally had the space again to store new mp3s. My Opeth “mood” turned into a nofx “mood”. I wonder what's next. Oh, and the new System Of A Down album appears to be out, totally need to get it tomorrow.