could we just quit stressing and relax now?

yay, fosdem is already coming weekend. i will be there, probably mostly be hanging out in the gnome room (surprise!!) over day, and in some pub at night. also, i will be giving a talk on ridley and gtk+ 2.10 on sunday in the gnome room. i guess i will put the slides online after the conference and hope they will make up a next blog entry on ridley/gtk+2.10, since i didnt have time to write a normal one yet. my apologies to all people who responded to my tooltips mail on gtk-devel-list; i didnt have the time/inspiration yet to reply. i will soon! a little over two weeks ago i finally moved to my new place (away from my parents). it's almost done, today i finally arranged some better lighting from the ceiling and a new fridge arrived (you don't want to know how dirty the old ones were. well, actually, you don't want to know how dirty the entire kitchen was before i moved in. really). two more ikea boxes to put in the garbage container and then it's in a good enough shape for a while. living much closer to university means that you don't have to deal with the public transit system on a daily basis anymore. and i figured that that means less stress. the people here are so fucking stressed out that it is not even funny anymore (“want to be the first person to enter the train, even before all people who want to get out actually got out” or for a bicycle rider in leiden “let's try to run as many red lights as possible, so i will be home one full minute earlier”, i don't run red lights though). at least my stress level decreased.