GTK+ 2.10 / Project Ridley Progress Blog (Episode 4)

Yes, clearly time for a new entry again. As always, lots of things going on, we're still trying to get everything ready in time for a release in May. This entry will be a quick update of what happened since half of January. Those interested in the big picture / small summary might be interested in the slides of my short talk at FOSDEM 1.5 weeks ago. There isn't much new in there for the regular readers of these blog entries. Also, GLib 2.10.0 got released meanwhile, and we are already at GLib 2.10.1. Pango 1.12.0 is supposed to be released soon, lastest release is 1.11.99. Ok, on to the features:

  • GtkAssistant, the replacement for GnomeDruid*, landed on HEAD in January. Seems to be in good shape, packed with nice features and a fun test application.
  • Another new widget from libegg, now named GtkLinkButton, landed. After a short discussion a global hook function was added to set up the URI handler. Using this hook every platform can setup a nicely working URI handler.
  • A “touchscreen mode” was added to GTK+. It's an XSetting, and when enabled widgets can take this into account and change their behaviour, since manipulating items with a touchscreen is a little different than when using a mouse.
  • The DirectFB backend landed on HEAD! Sweet!
  • Notebook tab drag-and-drop. Yay! Finally! And it looks/works awesome too.
  • A scroll menu patch went in, which gets rid of the blank area which sometimes appeared in for example popup menus and annoyed/confused a lot of people.
  • Another nice little API addition: input shaping, which is really support for the seperate mask for input which is provided by XShape 1.1.
  • Rich text copy/paste, copy and paste text complete with all formatting and images to/from GtkTextViews. Landed today!
  • Short tree view update, it's now possible to provide your own positioning function for the search dialog, also you can provide your own entry (packed somewhere in your interface) to be used as search dialog. Selected rows are now also row hinted. There's a bunch of cool tree view stuff coming up, more on that later.
  • The recent files code is nearing completion and will undergo review soon. Hopefully it will land within the coming two weeks.
  • Lots of progress has been made on printing, detailed mail to gtk-devel-list.
  • (I'm still thinking about tooltips, proposal and discussion is here and will come up with an updated proposal soon. Really! Promised!)
  • And of course, bug fixes all over the place.

Sorry for the somewhat rushed entry, but need to go back coding. I really think this GTK+ release is going to rock, don't you?