GTK+ 2.10 / Project Ridley Progress Blog (Episode 5)

Now the first development release, 2.9.0, has been released, I guess it is time for a new entry (: We've been pretty busy and a bunch of big features landed:

  • The recent files code landed. (Has a nice test app called testrecentchooser in the tests/ subdirectory).
  • The printing branch has been merged to HEAD (see Alex' blog entry). Also has a nice test app in the tests/, called print-editor.
  • The asynchronous file chooser branch (kris-async-branch) has also been merged to HEAD.
  • Also the federico-filename-branch has been merged to HEAD. There's a button left of the path bar now, when clicked it will present a location entry in the file chooser dialog.

Also some smaller changes:

  • Yet another cell renderer got added: GtkCellRendererSpin. I guess the name says enough, you can change the value of this cell with a spin button.
  • Dialogs have been made more consistent with the HIG. (See bugzilla #163850).
  • You can now cancel drags of scrollbars and other GtkRange derivatives with ESC.
  • The GIF loader in gdk-pixbuf now only loads the first frame if you don't ask for an animation. You will only notice this change when you are working with multi-MB animated GIFs (for example byzanz screencasts).
  • GtkTreeView got some new properties, which allow you to customize it a bit more. The properties in question are “show-expanders” and “level-indentation”. You can, for example, use these to do grouping as demonstrated in the testgrouping app in the tests/ subdirectory.
  • The discussion on the new tooltips API continued, read the latest thread here.
  • And a lot of bug fixes, really.

Like Emmanuele said earlier, you can find all feature additions and improvements in the NEWS file. The NEWS file is not as detailed as it usually is, because there are way too many changes from GTK+ 2.8.x to 2.9.0. Note that with GTK+ 2.9.0 the binary interface version has been bumped to 2.10.0 (from 2.4.0). This means that all third party modules (theme engines, input method modules, pixbuf loaders, file system backends) will have to be rebuilt so they are installed in the right place. Sorry for the somewhat short entry, but I am really going to stop here before it gets out of hand ;)