GTK+ updates

Long overdue entry (yet again), but hopefully not really too late. For the people living in a cave: we released GTK+ 2.10 right after GUADEC, together with GLib 2.12. You can find the tarballs at the usual place. At GUADEC we had a gtk-dev meeting in real life. I took some notes which you can find here. It includes the plans for GTK+ 2.12 (I will update the website soon, promised). There's some nice stuff coming up for 2.12 and we hope to release 2.12.0 around January 2007. There were also a couple of GTK+ related presentations at GUADEC; Alex and John talked about the new printing API, Emmanuele about the new recent files API, Mitch about using GTypeModule, Tim and I talked about GTK+ 2.10 and friends in general. You can find links to the slides of those talks at our new papers and slides page over at Also, 3.0 is not really in sight at this moment. We created a tracker bug (#347771) to keep track of bugs which require incompatible changes. I don't have much more to tell, life after 2.10.0 is not much more than fixing bugs and waiting for the 2.10 branch to be created ;). I will be back once the first 2.12 features are trickling in.