Scrolling bugs fixing spree

This has been going on for a while already :) The fixing spree actually began already 2 months ago, and I decided it was about time to finally write a GtkTreeView scrolling test suite. I've been wanting to write such a test suite since my scrolling bugs fixing spree around GTK+ 2.6 and 2.7. Back then I had a bunch of test cases in my ~/testcases/ and before committing I would check whether a fix would break any of those test cases. A lot of work and prone to errors. Around that time I was already thinking about combining those test cases to one test app. Of course it never happened. Of course I also lost track of the test cases I was testing with. So during Imendio conf this year (back in November) I slowly started working on this test suite. Finishing it took much, much longer than expected and I kept finding small bugs and adding tests. But finally I ended up with a pretty useful test application, it already helped me a lot when testing a bunch of fixes which will go into GTK+ HEAD today. For those interested, the source is here (reading it in a browser messes up the formatting btw): It does need some more improvements at this point, it relies on the font used and the speed of the machine for example. And of course I intend to add a test case to this thing for each new scrolling bug I get. When GTK+ gets a proper testing framework I hope to integrate this test suite with that testing framework. I hope most bugs are gone now. If you find any regressions or new scrolling bugs in HEAD, please file a bug. So what's next? Writing a test suite for tree models. I already have some notes on this, hopefully I can write the code during January. (I suspect I will be mostly busy partying during the SVN cut-off :) ). (And of course, a happy 2007 to all of you!)