Back again and left the country again

The last months have been very busy. Lots of stuff to do, exams, little stress and not feeling all that well mentally. Fortunately fixed most of the stuff up in the week before GUADEC by dropping some things, something that was really, really needed. This took a long time, because I felt really bad about dropping it. Eventually got over it and hope people will pick up the work (which I am sure they will). Heard I passed one of the exams (which I thought I ruined), don't know about the other one yet. Bought a ticket for Lowlands (5th time!!!) anyway, even though I might have to do a re-take the day after. Then off to GUADEC. Had a really good time there, meeting up with a lot of people. I think my talk went okay as well, my slides can be found here for the people that are interested. I will post notes/minutes of the GTK+ meeting we had at the GUADEC Monday ASAP. Flew back to the Netherlands on Sunday, and right now, on Monday, I am sitting in Berlin having a beer. We don't know where we will go next since we didn't book hotels yet, but it looks like a nice start of a really needed vacation. I will be trying to work a lot on my BSc thesis though, since I want to receive my BSc in September… I also started hacking on a new application!! More on that later, it is not very special though and people are telling me that I should really start using something called “git”. My co-workers are still in the process on learning how to pronounce the Dutch “sch”., they are getting there though.