Our vision on GTK+, continued

In some of the feedback we've received so far we feel that some of the points on the slides have been misunderstood. All people that haven't been in Berlin of course miss a part of the story, since the bullet points don't tell it in full. We've just done some more touches to our paper describing our vision on the GTK+ and you can read it here. As you can imagine, the paper is much more elaborate than the slides. If there are more questions/suggestions after reading the paper, be sure to let us know!

happy birthday gtk+ 2.0.0

People here figured that today is GTK+'s 2.0.0 6th anniversary, woo! We go to celebrate this later tonight. Today most of the talks have been about introspection. I spent some time talking with ebassi and jdahlin where they showed me the “simple tree view wrappers” that exist for perl and python. Both seem to be similar and very nice. Hope to look into creating something like this in C soon (maybe this week still?) to make the simple uses for GtkTreeView much less time consuming to program. My hacking project seems to be progressing nicely. pixbuf-demo is running fine already with all graphics properly loaded via CoreGraphics. It loads photoshop files nicely as well. Next steps are getting it to do progressive loading and support animations and then a first version should be ready to hopefully commit in trunk. After that I will look into getting saving support done :)

Grussen aus Berlin

So we are in Berlin now with a good amount of people for the hackfest. The apartments are nice, the wireless is working out fine so far and there are plenty of snacks and beer. Though we seem to have run out of beer already, but I heard rumors it's going to be fixed soon ;) One problem is though that the weather outside is too nice to actually sit inside all day and hack. However, it looks like this is going to change Tuesday/Wednesday. This morning we started with presentations after we finished transforming one of the living rooms into a “theatre”. Everybody just fit in the room and it's a pretty funny sight :) I had the honor of starting off the presentations track this morning. I think a lot of people have actually been thinking about the future of GTK+; what new features to add and how to move forward. We hope to have a lot of discussions about all these ideas everybody has. At Imendio we've also been thinking about where we want to go with GTK+. We presented our “vision” on GTK+ during this mornings presentation; my slides can be found here. We hope to have more discussions about this this week. Later on we will post a document with a more elaborate description of these ideas. As for hacking, I was recently inspired by dom's and arc's GDI pixbuf loader. For this week I've decided to do something similar for Mac OS X. The CoreGraphics framework has an ImageIO library with loading and saving support for a lot of image formats. I hope to get a pixbuf loader using this running during the hackweek. It will greatly simplify the build process for GTK+ on the Mac as well as shipping applications.