Finally getting things done

I've been meaning to blog again for a long while, and I finally managed to sit down and do it. The last few months have been very, very busy. I got inspired in some way and started studying three times as hard, which is a good thing since I finally manage to get a lot of things done there. This week I finished two more master courses, for both of which we did some interesting stuff. For the first one I have been looking at very low-level cache optimizations (esp. strip lining/loop blocking) with somebody else; learnt a great deal of new stuff and gained experience. The other course was about grid computing; for the presentation and project part I have been focussing on data storage in grids. I've been looking at iRODS, which is an open source system for building data grids. It is a very interesting and promising project, but not yet ready for production deployments. I should probably put my report on this online at some point. Furthermore, my thesis is finally almost done. In the coming weeks I will be working on finishing another course which I had to leave behind for a while at the end of last year. At least the end is coming in sight, I hope to have my BSc and MSc degrees before mid next-year. Being very busy with studying is nice and all, but it means I had zero time left for spare time (GTK+) hacking. I hope this will change in the coming weeks and get my “getting things done” attitude from University work also applied to GTK+ hacking ;) I am going to look into:

  • Getting the column resizing with > 1 expand=TRUE columns patch updated, fixed and committed in trunk. (finally)
  • Design and implement a proper API for doing DnD (with multiple rows) in GtkTreeView. This should include making it possible to DnD between tree views and apps. (finally)
  • Look into improving the rubber banding behavior as Christian Neumair talked about in his blog. As is stated in the related tree view bugzilla bug about this, probably need to move over the cell_process_action() refactorings from my experimental branch to trunk and then this might be much easier to fix. Moving that refactoring over means writing a good automated layouting test.
  • Look into properly fixing the editing mess. We need a better means to distinguish between committed/cancelled editings.
  • Actually write about the plans for a simple tree view wrapper that I've discussed with Johan and Emmanuele during the hack fest.
  • Continue hacking on my experimental tree view branch. More on this later.

I thought I had more for this list, but this will keep me busy for a good while anyway ;)