Okay, I am actually getting hacking done (okay okay it is more like reviewing) and I just committed the fix for #316087 “Resizing columns is chaotic” to gtk+ trunk (finally!). Should be in the next 2.13 releases. This patch does modify the internals of tree view column size allocation, so if people could give the latest gtk+ from trunk a test drive that would be really appreciated :) By the way, you can find the slides from yesterday's GTK+ state of the Union here. The plans from the release team for GNOME3 sound cool, exciting times ahead :)


My talk “GTK+ State of the Union” at GUADEC has been moved from Friday morning to Thursday 14:30 (the cancelled keynote slot). This was noted in the schedule on the GUADEC website before, but unfortunately this schedule was reverted to the original version as also found on the badges this morning. But the move of the talk is still on :) Minutes from the GTK+ developer's meeting we had yesterday will follow soon, hopefully early next week. Ah yeah, and during GUADEC I am hacking on Bug 316087, or better known as “column resizing with expand=TRUE columns is entirely fucked up”. Seems we are very close to getting this fixed now. I will probably also hang out at the parties during the upcoming days, so see you all there ;)