Well I’m moving to Olympia tommorrow and won’t have internet access until they connect our DSL.

So I shall see you all very soon hopefully from my brand new apartment!

Happy Christmas!

I’m sitting at my parents house and I’m going to enjoy a tasty christmas dinner soon. Always nice to be with family at the holidays.

Going to have two additional days of Christmas mania when we go over to Charity’s family events.

Then we have a couple of days to finish packing and we’re OFF…

Crazy, crazy week.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

g_printf("Hello, World!\n");

Well the GNOME accounts folk gave me an early Christmas present this year with this shiny new blog.

I expect it to be something similar to most open-source developer blogs.

I still have no word on my GNOME foundation membership application but with the holidays and the recent elections it will probably take a bit before the membership committee convenes to look over it.

Hopefully they won’t just say no!

Currently I’m working on some stuff for the great glade3 project as well as doing some hacking on GnomeMUD. glade3 could really use some more devs as the project gets bigger so be sure to go check it out if you’re inclined and want to help. Tristan doesn’t bite!

Starting school again in January and I end the year with a HUGE move for me up to Olympia.