What a week …

Wow, what a week. GUADEC was excellent. Lots of interesting talks and a great buzz from everyone. I was sorry to have to leave a day early, especially since I missed Glynn’s talk which looked like a lot of fun. I’ve dumped the slides from my talk here.

The Red Hat Summit blew me away too. The whole thing was incredibly well organised and exciting to be a part of. I especially enjoyed just talking to random Red Hat customers and users etc.

The summit ended at lunchtime today, but even in that short time we had yet another cool video, inspirational talks from Bruce Mau (about the Massive Change project … what an interesting way to look at the modern world), Dr. Deepak Phatak (who has been
bringing Open Source to education in India
) and Sanjiva Weerawarana (who is heavily involved in the Sahana project which was created to solve some of the logistical problems with the Tsunami relief effort). And most importantly, the creation of the Fedora Foundation was announced.

I’m truly shattered now, though.

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  1. Hi. I was watching you slides and I see that there are glitches in ‘r’. What font is that? And on which hardware/X11/freetype?

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