Modems are teh suck

A rather “interesting” day doing bugzilla work, disting and
pushing 2.5.4 tarballs and jhbuilding GNOME HEAD in parallel
over a 56k dialup line. I think I’ll be counting down the
minutes until the Eircom
fools manage to flick the magic DSL switch …

How on earth did I put up with this for an entire year in
New Zealand?

Leaving Sun

So, today is my last day working for Sun which feels very, very
strange. Its been a great few years and I’m genuinely going to
miss this place and the great people here. I still can’t believe
that my dream of working full time on free software has come
true. Sun made that possible – for that I’ll be ever grateful.

On the upside, though, it marks the start of a new and exciting
adventure – working for Red Hat. Its a little daunting, actually.
Having seen the awesome work the guys do, I’ve no idea if I’ll
be able to live up to their standards. I can’t wait to get
started though 🙂

I hope people don’t read into this something that isn’t there –
even though I’m leaving, I still think Sun is a great place to
work and that its a company with a seriously bright future.
My moving to Red Hat has nothing to do with which is a “better”
company, and everything to do with me wanting to take up the
opportunity of a new challenge.

I can’t get Robert Frost’s
The Road
Not Taken
out of my head right now. It pretty well sums
up how I’m feeling … but that could just be the hangover 🙂