Murray, A Retraction is in Order

(By blog and email.)

Murray, a retraction of that post is in order.

Here is why: I do not think, and you have certainly offered no evidence, that you are competent to diagnose the mental state and ditto ailments of other people. If you in fact do have such credentials from a respectable medical school, now would be a good time to display them. (And to inspect an inquiry from the relevant ethics committee.)

The truth or falsity of the rest of your post is utterly irrelevant. I do not know if it is true or false; I do not care. You have evinced seriously bad judgment and deep character flaws.


I have noticed that main-menu on my system is a bit of a pig. It takes up something like 30 cpu minutes per day. That is kind of crazy considering I don’t really use it much. Certainly not every day. So what does it do?

  • It reads /proc/mounts and /proc/partitions. It then stats everything mentioned in there.
  • It appears to be talking to NetworkManager via dbus.
  • It stats about 100 directories like /usr/local/share/icons

And it does all of those every few seconds.