Building a new Shuttle

Family Visiting
My partner’s (Sue) family were down from the Lake District recently and we all got together at a local restaurant for a good slap up meal. Thought I would make use of the recently aquired digital camera and record the event.

Gossip Transports
Branched Gossip (branch name: gossip-transports) to work more closely on the getting multi protocol support working.

Support for adding and removing transports is now available, just need to focus on adding contacts for the transports as currently you would have use a FULL Jabber ID (e.g. which isn’t very user friendly.

Mikael has recently been hacking on the core of Gossip and changing a lot of the roster/contacts API which I depend on for the transport work so merging that is all going to be interesting.

Building a new shuttle
One of Sue’s uncles wants a new machine and after looking at the prices of his last quote, I told him I would do it for him cheaper. Not long ago I bought a Shuttle system (using Mini ITX technology) and was really impressed with it and am going to use one for this new box too.

Barn Dance Anyone?
Last night I went to my third barn dance. As Sue and I are thinking of doing something with a barn dance for our Wedding (to get people really enjoying the night) we went along and had a great time. No matter how many times we go, it is still funny seeing people (that you may not even know) falling over each other trying to keep up with the caller, moves and music 🙂