Live8 – So this was MASSIVE. I saw a lot of it on TV yesterday and in particular thought that the Pink Floyd’s performance was awesome, especially since they have not been together for the last 24 odd years!

My partner Sue had tickets to go and I opted out because my best mate was in town from Scotland. Kind of wished I had arranged it another weekend now. We didn’t plan the tickets, we were given them last minute!

I didn’t realise how big the whole Live8 deal was until I watched in on BBC1 and realised how many countries were involved.

If you support the cause, show your support here and add your name to the millions. I think the target is atleast 1 billion names.

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  1. I saw your blog on Planet GNOME. I was on the march in Edinburgh, and I’ve added my name to the petition, but I can’t help thinking that the concerts (despite being undeniably huge) fired a blank politically. (a) The intentions of the artists and organisers is manifestly political, but what about the audience? What message to the G8 did sitting in the sunshine listening to pop music send? (b) The concerts actually distracted some of the attention away from the Make Poverty History march here in Edinburgh, and I think that’s a bad thing. Anyway, I blogged about the march here.

    Best, Darren

  2. I think personally it was more about awareness. They reached a lot of people with these concerts.