Gossip 0.9 & Wedding

New Release – Today Mikael and I released Gossip 0.9. After a large refactor of the foundation code, further development has been made easier and overall we feel it is much more stable. It has been some time since the last release back in December last year.

There have been many changes, some of these include:
– A spell checker
– Updated contact information dialog
– Much better Drag & Drop usage

Generally just more polish everywhere 🙂

I have been working on getting multiple accounts working again in Gossip since the refactoring. Some of this work will be in CVS very shortly. I have taken things a bit further this time by actually allowing the user to select which account they do certain actions from:

Wedding – Things are heating up with only 3 weeks to go.

Sue had her Hen night lastnight. The girls really do know how to have fun, you just have to look at their costumes on the night and all the party things they bring back home with them.

My stag do is this weekend coming, should be a good fun, I tried to arrange it for the night before the wedding but Sue threatened to call it off 🙂

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  1. fraggle says:

    Which account do you want to add this contact “too”? ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH

  2. Matthew says:

    Thank you, thank you …..!

  3. Marc says:

    Great work on Gossip, I love the simplicity. However, I wish Gossip would use libgaim, like Adium (look at it, it is an AMAZING OS X client using libgaim). It would be amazing to have such a great ui with so much power, even if including libgaim meant adding extra stuff to the ui.

  4. Martyn Russell says:

    fraggle, thanks for pointing that one out :O

  5. Martyn Russell says:

    Marc, we would love to use libgaim, show me how to do it in C and we will 😉

    Last time I looked Adium was using libgaim in objective C, so AFAICS we would have to somehow use that to get support in Gossip (perhaps this is wrong though?).

  6. Marc says:

    There are lots of projects using it AFAIK. Look at the doc in the gaim site, you might have better luck checking #gaim, or the gaim-dev mailing list, since devs will be really helpful to you, or atleast point you in the righ direction.

  7. Martyn Russell says:

    I spoke to Christian and Sean about it a little. So I know where to go from here. We will probably wait until libgaim is released as a separate entity (which is likely to be around the time Gaim 2.0 is released).