Recently I tried Initng on my Ubuntu distribution using some handy pages from the Ubuntu forums.

To say the least, I was amazed.
My boot time on Ubuntu Breezy was 58 seconds and now it is 29 seconds (that is from Grub to GDM).

Give it a try, there are only a few steps to follow, it takes 5 minutes.

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  1. Stéphan K. says:

    This looks really awesome. There’s a less than informative wiki page about it:
    It was probably a discussion point at UBZ?

    I’d really like to see the old sysvinit system (or whatever it’s called) replaced. It just looks like a fragile mess to me. So far, I think only Gentoo manages to handle this elegantly, though it builds on the same init.

    But this looks pretty hard, from where I’m standing. It uses it’s own scripts, so the reason it’s cutting so much off your boot time is possibly also because it’s not doing half of what Ubuntu normally does?

    Besides that, they seem to want to distribute scripts themselves, in the initng (source/upstream) package, while this is really supposed to be distribution and application specific.

    If this were to be used in Dapper or beyond, wouldn’t it seriously break compatibility with Debian? I’m all for it, though. 🙂

  2. Stéphan K. says:

    I actually just found a better wiki page:


    (This was even a breezy goal :o)

  3. Martyn Russell says:

    Yea, it looks like everyone is trying to improve performance at the moment from the Pango work to the Gnome start up times being improved (seen in Gnome hackers’ blogs).

    I do share your concerns Stéphan, since the scripts they use are their own and I did wonder what wouldn’t work after rebooting.

    I haven’t really looked into it all that much, but it looks like the way forward if they can maintain support for hardware that current init scripts have (and of course the boot speed).