Browser Thumbnails, Site Change & Updated Gallery

Browser Thumbnails

Recently I decided to try IE7, since I was so pissed off with IE not supporting PNG transparency and the CSS problems compared to other browsers. The reason was to see if I should be bothered about making my home page fully compatible with IE7 or not.

In the process, I discovered that IE7’s beta 2 has support for thumbnailing pages you are currently visiting (which is pretty cool) and then I read an announcement regarding Opera’s latest and greatest supporting it too. After trying out IE’s new feature, I thought it was superb, until I found out about Reveal (a Firefox extension) which does exactly the same thing. The best thing about the Revel is that it is overlayed onto the current page you are on, instead of having to switch to another tab (as you would in IE). Plus it allows you to search all pages so you can quickly find the one you want to switch to! Well impressed!

Site Change

It is time to renew my site and I decided that the name was pretty crap, so came up with another one 🙂

Updated Gallery

Not a great deal of new stuff really, and mostly family related due to the high number of birthdays this time of year and of course we have just had Christmas, but there are some scenic shots:

I think Sue is getting tired of me taking pictures of her with the new camera though:

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  1. ghaefb says:

    Those pictures are amazing.
    Such a beautiful country side nature. Some of the shots are very professional, you have a good eye. 🙂